Windshield Replacement - 2018 Subaru Forester - Subaru Employee spills the beans on EyeSight Cal time



2018 Subaru Eyesight question from today’s Denver Post.
3 hours to recalibrate after windshield replacement is 2 hours too many. Warranty time is 0.9 so adding 2.1 hours is just greed.
Worked for Subaru corporate 16 years.


So you can’t avoid getting into an accident for 3 hours or am I missing something.


Not sure if it would be covered under insurance but it might be worth asking.


Vehicles with cameras in the windshield require calibration when the windshield is replaced, my shop foreman has us collecting 4 hours of labor for the procedure.


It wouldn’t be the first time the warranty allocation by the manufacturer was completely unrealistic in the field…