2017 Subaru Forester - pricey windshield repair

Nine months ago, we were on the highway with the normal flow of traffic when we heard a pebble hit the center of our windshield. We then saw “star burst” shaped cracks about the size of a golf ball; a center divot with six lines radiating out instead of a single crack. We were told the our Extended Warranty does cover this type of windshield damage due to “normal road debris.” Also, "the windshield must be replaced in order for the “Eye Sight System” to function properly. Cost of new windshield + labor > $800 & “Eye Sight System” recalibration > $300; even though the windshield is OEM!

Check with your insurance company, it should be covered under comprehensive. It is not a warranty issue.


^ This. I’d expect a three year old vehicle to have full coverage insurance and you don’t have to have it done by a dealer.

Check with your insurance company, if you have full coverage they will cover this with no or modest deductible. No way a warranty covers damage, that is what insurance is for.

If your warranty covers it, then why don’t you use it?

The warranty won’t, but insurance is the best course of action.

Seems like the OP said the extended warranty covers it. I think he/she/it was just surprised at the price.

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An extended warranty will not cover rock damage to the windshield or bullet holes incurred during a shoot out.

I suspect that the OP omitted the word “not”.
Have you ever heard of a warranty–extended or otherwise–that covered damage from “normal road debris”?


I guess this all should be taken to mean the windshield has not been repaired up to this point even though the incident happened 9 months ago and it can be assumed (maybe) that their insurance coverage won’t foot the bill for whatever reason.

Everyone loves high tech until the bills come due.

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