2018 Subaru Forester - Unusual glass issues

I have eyesight on my vehicle which uses an OEM windshield. It chips very easily and when conditions are right, it suddenly cracks. This happened within 6 months and then again a year later. I contacted Subaru and their reply was chips happen and my car insurance should pay for it. I have never had a windshield crack like this on a vehicle. Is it something with the OEM glass? Checking on line, others seem to have this problem. They also had issues with the Outback several years ago with the same problem. This is an expensive fix to have to do it yearly and Subaru doesn’t seem to be too helpful.
Thank you

If insurance is paying for it, what is the issue? Glass companies will come to wherever your car is and replace it. Most insurance companies will waive the deductible as well.

If you want fancy features like Eyesight, you must put up with stuff like this.

There was a time when Eyesight was unique in affordable cars. No more. Every new car I now test has a similar system behind the middle/upper windshield area. Coincidentally, I have a 2016 Forester with Eyesight and I have about 17K miles on it. I have not noticed the glass to be anything out of the ordinary. I do sympathize with you though. I hope it is just bad luck and that it settles down. I’m pretty active at the Facebook Forester club and have not noticed this being a recurring issue. Maybe I’m mistaken, That group may have some better insight for you.

Seems like a frustrating problem. Eyesight gives you the forward collision warning camera I presume, so that’s a good thing you’d want to keep. Its requirement may make the glass a little more brittle, less flexible, this issue hasn’t come up here before as far as I remember. It’s also possible the folks who are installing the replacement glass aren’t doing it correctly. If I had that problem I’d try these two ideas

  • Use a different shop to install the replacement glass next time
  • When possible have every chip you notice repaired immediately. Repairing chipped windshields is a very common thing. The repair company will even send a repairman to your location. In this area I see windshield repair trucks in the employee parking lots of the high tech companies all the time, working on one of the employee’s car while the employ is inside working on their own hi-tech job.

I’ve had the windshield chip but no more often than the other cars in the family. Our insurance pays to have chips repaired and it’s really easy to set up, just contact the glass company (safelite for example) and they will take care of billing the insurer.

So far the windshield in my 2015 Forester has not cracked or gotten more than one chip.

last year my friend drive to Banff from Nashville and their outback hit by small rocks for two times within 3 days.
By using eye sight you can follow a car/truck in a fixed distance, it might easily hit by the small rocks pull out by truck especially 18 wheels. without eye sight, the distance can be changing and more flexible.

you have it on car so might as well make it functional. i might chose to not have it but that wont help you. can you apply a film over windshield for xtra protection?

If my info is correct, the glass that your vehicle came with wasn’t upto the specification. Many got their replaced for free but now Subaru seems to be ignoring it. But the problem was corrected later on. May be you can try to go aftermarket, if available.

The glass can be replaced as many times you need. Its the EyeSight programming that costs 3 hours of labor and that is my HUGE gripe.

Do the cracks start at the chips in the middle of the glass or do they start from the edge? If they start from the edge, maybe there’s a problem with the metal frame that no one has noticed yet.