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Windshield repair with epoxy

I have a few small dings in my windshield from rocks or whatever. Instead of purchasing one of those repair kits with the plunger, I was thinking of using epoxy. It says on the package that it works on glass. Any reason this won’t work?

If you’re just talking about divots then you can just fill them with epoxy. If you’re talking about something involving cracks then the purpose of the plunger is to suck the air out of the cracks, then allowing you to introduce the epoxy - the vacuum created by the plunger then sucks the epoxy into the cracks. At least that’s how one of those windshield repair guys explained it to me.

I’m sure it will work on glass, but it may not have the same see-through visibility as a proper repair. There’s a guy who sets up shop in the parking lot of a nearby shoppping mall. He fixes these things for $25 each and the repair is very good. I cannot be bothered trying to save a few dollars on a RISKY repair.

Epoxy won’t flow into cracks; it’s too thick. You need an adhesive with the consistency of water. But something has to remain after the solvent evaporates, otherwise it isn’t repaired. That’s what you get with the windshield repair kits.

Thanks for the reply. What you said makes a lot of sense. I’ll go with the repair kit.