Fixing cracked windshield

I noticed a crack in our windshield after a hailstorm. It starts at the bottom (driver’s side) and extends up from the bottom about 5 inches, turns 45 degrees, and goes horizontally about 5 inches.

Is this a candidate for repair, or only replacement?

Also, is there anything I should ask when calling for quotes, other than price? (Insurance won’t cover it, as we have a high deductible.)

Windshield cracks cannot be repaired. The windshield requires replacement.


I agree that this one needs replacement.

Check with your insurance. Many will pay for windshield replacement without any deductable. And there are a number of windshield replacement specialists that do this work inexpensively, many right in your own driveway.

Windshields are all the same, so price-shop HARD…You will discover a wide price (profit) range…

I agree that it likely needs to be replaced. I also strongly suggest you check your insurance company, many will replace the glass, IF it is structurally compromised or if it is in the driver’s line of sight. The windscreen is a safety device and it is cheaper for them to replace a windscreen than to pay off if you die.

Is it worth calling again? The first time I was told that the comprehensive deductible applies, which in our case is more than the repair.

Assuming we have to pay ourselves, is it best to go with a middle-range quote than the absolute cheapest? What about chains vs. independents?

Talking to the glass shops themselves would answer more questions about the insurance actually paying or not.
They have some very creative ways to tweak the bookkeeping. different shops have different means, so that is where shopping around comes into play.
Tell them who your insurance is and what your deductable is.
If they give you a price you like, don’t ask any more questions.

I agree with the O.P. Save money on premiums by having the high deductible, and save the insurance for really expensive claims. If you file a claim, they’ll just get it back by raising your rates. Most say they won’t, but they’ll find a way. Remember, they’re in business to take your money, not to pay claims. Some ins. companies will drop you for filing a claim.

Also, some junkyards do windshield replacement also. That might be another place to price-check.

One more question about this: I have two almost identical quotes. One is from Portland Glass, a regional chain that advertises a 12-month guarantee and all the high standards they meet. (

The other is a local business that offers to come to your home and replace the windshield there.

I like to support local companies, but my question is, are there tradeoffs in what can be done (or how well it can be done) from a van vs. a complete facility?

I had 4 windshields replaced in the last 3 years. The adhesives used today have specific temperatures for application and curing. One local place advertises their mobile capabilities in having vans oufitted with ovens for proper preparation of the adhesive in cold weather. When it’s warm out in the summer, almost anyone can do it in your driveway. I had a couple of them replaced in the dead of winter in my work parking lot by these guys and never one issue with the installation.

I’ve had a couple replaced in my garage and although convenient, I think I would rather they do it in their shop. I had one leaker they did in my garage. In their own shop, they have the tools, help, environment, to insure success. I don’t like working on cars in the driveway and don’t think they do either.

Windshields are not all the same, I had a no-name windshield put in and then had to go back in a month and have it replaced again because of glue failure between the layers, (when the sun was low in the sky it looked like I was driving through a fleet of sailboats) this time they used a name brand windshield.