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Windshield causing wiper failure

Can an aftermarket windshield on a SAAB 9-3 cause the windshield wipers to fail? Or is the service guy trying to sell a factory windshield?

Never heard of it. There are thousands of aftermarket windshields installed in vehicles. And if it were a problem, there would be a lot more complaints of this problem.


I didn’t think so but I wanted to check. I have been renting and selling cars for 10years and never experienced this issue. A lady bought the Saab from us and when it had wiper issues she took it to SAAB. The service rep told her about the windshield

Is it one of those systems that turn the wipers on and off for you? If so, I believe you need a special windscreen for the sensor to work.

Other than that, maybe something was bent when replacing the windscreen.

If it’s the wipers and not the system that turns them on automatically, there’s a couple tricks to try. First is make sure to clean the outside of the window before putting on new wipers. Next is to put the lubricant/cleaner on the wipers then install them. You can also put a lubricant on the whole window like rain-x. I just use a clear silicone water-proofing spray on the window. It works, but supposedly degrades the wipers. My last wiper-blades lasted about 3 years before they needed replacement. Unless the windshield is damaged, there shouldn’t be any significant flaws that would degrade wiper blades.