'05 Saab 93 windshield wipers / washer fluid

My windshield wipers have recently stopped working, partially. They work fine in the lo and hi settings, but not on the auto-sensing setting. They also don’t auto-return to the down position when the engine is turned off - they stop right where they are. This is also true when pressing down on the lever for the single swipe. The washer fluid also stopped working at the same time. Is this a fuse, wiring, wiper motor, or computer that is broken?

Since you have auto sensing on this I’mm going to guess that the wipers and perhaps even the washer pump are controlled by a Body Control Module, a computer.

Let me suggest you get a repair manual. It may tell you more about the system. Your owner’s manual may even discuss the system.

I truely wish I could help more, but I’m not really knowledgable on BCMs.

What is the level of washer fluid in the resevoir? I am wondering if this could be a problem in the wiper/washer switch, the contacts can get gummy and fail, but some of these sypmptoms suggest a failure in the automatic parts of the control mechanism. If someone here has direct experience with this make and year, or if someone has access to a repair manual for this car they can be of a lot more help than I can. Have you taken it to a saab mechanic or shop?

If worst comes to worst, you might consider something like this.