Highly pitted and pocked windshields are usually very susceptable to cold. Wait until winter, a really cold night, really cold. Find in the windshield a particularly large pock or pitt, even a tiny crack or fracture if you’re lucky. Push on the windshield immedietely next to pock FROM THIS INSIDE OF VEHICLE. You should be able to start a small fracture, that can be expanded (at need, or ‘at will’) to a size REQUIRING replacement.

Don’t forget to wipe off any thumb prints you may leave on the glass.


wil ferguson

truck driver (25yrs.)

traverse city, michigan


Keep a lighter handy, as well. Could come in handy.


I have noticed that in modern cars the windshields are much more susceptible to being covered in fine scratches. I blame this on two things: the bozos who won’t wear their seat belts and bang their heads into the glass, resulting in “safety” laws to make the glass softer (and easier to scratch), and bozo windshield washer designers who let the wipers do a full dry sweep before the water/soap starts, resulting in dry dirt being ground into the glass. The solution? Roll back the glass standards about 30 years to harder glass (screw the bozos who refuse to belt themselves in), and encourage washer designers to get the glass wet before the blade starts across it.