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Windscreen sprayer system...problems

Problems with the windscreen fluid sprayer on my Mercury sable 2001. One nozzle works properly, but only a small amount of liquid “dribbles” out of the left nozzle. I could remove the material from the hood that covers the hose system and probably repair the situation. However, that is much work and replacing the material onto the underside of the hood may be difficult. Is there a simple solution for this problem?

Before you go to more extreme measures, try poking out the opening with a straight pin.
That has remedied the “dribble problem” for me on more than one occasion.

Locate the windshield washer reservoir and pull off the hose that goes to the nozzles. Do what VDCdriver suggests about sticking a pin in the nozzle, then blow through the hose you just disconnected. I’ve dislodged the blockage in the nozzle several times doing this.

It’s not as hard as you think. Get a fork like tool and remove the plastic tabs that hold the hood insulator. Then work the rubber hoses off the nozzles that are now exposed. Be careful, they could break. After the hoses are off either blow the nozzles with compressed air or remove the nozzles and blow them out.

Sometimes the hose splits and needs replacing.

Yeah its not that hard. Just pull the retainers out in the back to access the hose and nozzle. Either you have a plugger hose or a nozzel. If they were like mine the nipple on the nozzel was broken and needed to be replaced.