Window regulator


I have a 1994 Geo Prism. All manual windows and locks. My driver side window regulator is broken and I cannot find a part anywhere. I keep finding window regulators for power windows. I also wondered if it is possible to take the regulator apart and fix it or do I just need a new one?


Maybe you don’t have a real regulator? I encountered a Mitsubishi that had a simple system of wires and pulleys. You ought to start by taking off your door panel. See what you really have and determine yourself what’s repairable.


It is very difficult to take a regulator apart, they are usually riveted together. There are only two parts that wear out though, the center bearing and the gears. It is possible to fix these but you may need some welding skills, or know a welder and the ability to file and reshape the gears. The difficult part about the bearing is finding one. You will have to go to an industrial supplier that can supply bearings based on size.

The bearing usually goes first, but once it goes, the teeth go soon after.

This is how I did mine on an 86 Toyota Tercel


Did you try to find one for a '94 Toyota Corolla? Same car, essentially.