1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Yes, I’m still driving this car. It actually runs pretty well, the only problem is that the driver side window isn’t working anymore. It was an automatic window and I think the motor petered out. How much do folks on this list think it should cost to fix this?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area if that makes any difference.


As others from that Bay have said, repair costs are about double what they are in other parts of the country. Expect to be charged $300 to $400 for a window motor.

Are you willing to do the work yourself? If so, you can buy them on line. The motor/regulator costs abut $70. If you want a GM replacement, you or your mechanic will have to buy it at a dealer. Any GM dealer will work. The part may be shared with other, similar cars from Pontiac or Buick. Even if you don’t buy the parts on line you can at least figure out if the same part works on more than the Olds Cutlass. If you want to do it yourself, I can recommend an on-line source.

It might not be the window motor.

If you look at the hinged area of the door, you’ll find a rubber duct that runs between the drivers door and the door frame. Inside this rubber duct are all the wires that go to the controls in the drivers door. Your car is at an age where the drivers door has been operated so many times that some of the wires inside this rubber duct could have broken from being flexed. And if one of the wires is for the window motor, the window won’t operate.

So, if this is actually what has happened, it’ll cost more to repair the wires than to replace the window motor/regulator.


Unless you are good at splicing wires. If that was my the problem that is what I would do, in fact I may be doing that next weekend, as wife’s passenger window stopped operating.