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Window chattering; Adjustment?

2D 1998 Honda Civic. The driver’s side window is out of adjustment. When rolling it up, it jumps and chatters and misaligns. The service manual has you take off the inner door panel, loosen 2 adjustment bolts, roll the window as far up as possible, tighten the adjustment bolts, then rig the front track. Is the problem I describe fixed by this procedure? If so, what was the root cause? Is simply adjusting the window going to prevent the misalignment from recurring? If not, is there anything I can do to prevent it?

if the window tracks have somehow loosened up, then you could try the prescribed remedy. i am scratching my head as to why they should loosen up, but if it is in the service manual, then there’s probably a track record of it.

it is usually the window regulator that is worn out. they are a replaceable item. the window tracks are replaceable too. BUT you have to remove the inner door panel to see which it is (or both). most often the inner panel removal is the hardest part. it looks really crappy if you have a scratched, bent or dented plastic door panel every time you open your door!

Before you take the door apart try spraying silicone spray in window tracks then roll window up and down, you will need to use straw on can to pinpoint the spray.
The tracks get gumed up, may be worth a try

Thanks guys, for the advice. I tried the silicone spray. It’s too far gone for a simple lube fix. I can press the window between my palms and lift it in and out. It’s definetly disconnected to something down in there.