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Wind noise through vent system in 2003 Honda Element

My Honda Element EX began having a sqweeling wind noise about 2 yrs ago. This noise is intermittent and seems to come through the front and right vent. The vent and a/c controls have no effect on it. The noise never happens if it is very humid or raining, but mostly when it’s hot and rather dry. The noise occurs if I’m going over 65mph and can range from soft to very loud. It can stay constant for over an hour or minute by minute. I’ve replaced the blower motor and right windshield trim piece with no effect on the noise. My Honda mechanic used an air gun aimed at the back of the right mirror and gaskets along the top of the door and produced a sqweel noise. He adjusted the mirror and lubed the gaskets and said the noise was gone. The next day it was present as I drove 70 mph. I had my windshield replaced around the time the noise started, I think

Me too - I have taken out the center dash assembly, and driven at a stupid speed. When it makes the sound (around 65mph), which sounds like a cat caught in a cage with hyenas, I can’t feel any wind or vibration with my hand shoved in the opening, but there’s no way that I can see to get to it. It sounds like the howling is coming from about a half foot further toward the windshield. Geez Louise. I dunno. Help, Click n’ clack!

I had this problem a few years ago. It turned out to be the passenger side corner of the windshield moulding. A tiny piece of plastic was sticking up in the airstream. A quick trim with a knife ending the screaming. This also started right after a windshield replacement.

My wind noise turned out to be the trim piece that goes along the top, outside edge of the windshield. Once taped, top and bottom edge of trim piece, the noise went away. I then went it to the company that had replaced the windshield and their tech said that the very thin piece of trim can act like a reed on an instrument if the wind is right. I also noticed that heat played an important part, perhaps making the trim piece more pliable and able to vibrate. Using windshield caulk the tech sealed the top/bottom edge of the trim.I thought for sure the noise was coming through the vent system, but when a mechanic rode in the passenger seat while the noise was blaring away on a hot day, he followed the noise to the top edge of the windshield and thus solved the problem. Quiet is so nice!

Thanks for the feedback. This will help a lot of other people who have or will have the same problem. The sound travels into the vehicle from the outside vents in front of the windshield and it can sound like it’s in the dash or heating/AC ductwork. Maybe cccpete will benefit from this also.