Noise in 2005 Honda Element Dash Area

I have a very difficult intermittent noise coming from my dash area somewhere around the speedometer. This has been happening ever since it was new. When it happens, I am going at least 55mph. It will last for a few seconds or an hour and a half!!! It sounds like a scream/screech/rubbing kind of sound. I can go months without hearing it, then all of a sudden ‘It’ happens. It is louder than the road noise and stereo. I tried going fast and it actually quit one time at 80mph. (I didn’t think this car could go that fast!) The dealer has never heard it when they have taken it out for a test drive. They believed me and actually replaced the speedometer at 30,000 miles. ‘It’ still happens.

I have tried everything to figure out where and when this happens, with or without cruise control, in the winter or summer, with or without fans on. I have even pulled over, shut everything off, then restarted it, got up to speed and then it would again start at 55 mph.

P.S. Would anyone be interested in buying this Element?

Could it possibly be wind noise? It’s going to be very hard to diagnos but I would keep a portable tape recorder so that you can actually record the sound.