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Will rebate really expire?

Looking at rav4, currently has $3k rebate from Toyota, ending sept 4. Will price really go up $3k next month?

Any thoughts?


Yes,its worth it.

Ah,the great unknown. Although that particular rebate offer will expire on Sept 4, it will probably be replace by a different offer. What or how much depends on overall inventory, generally car manufacturers and dealers want the 2018s gone when the 2019s hit the showrooms.
Sometimes the manufacturers and/or dealers get obstinate about leftovers and are willing to let an unsold model just sit there for months, rather than steeply discount them.
To add to this you have the other unknown, how will the ‘trade war’affect future prices.
You just never know in advance advance.

Yes. Sort of what I thought. Thanks.

Rebate might end. Toyota lowered the price to sell more cars, and lower their inventory of that particular model. If they think the inventory is where they want it, the rebate could end. Or maybe not.

They’re coming out with an all-new Rav4 for 2019. So I’d expect 2018 models to sell with a discount until they’re gone, but who knows about rebates. Just don’t be surprised when yours is the ‘old one’ in a few months.

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Remember too that it’s been estimated that import cars could go up by as much as 3 grand due to tariffs. If I needed a car right now, I’d be somewhat motivated to buy sooner than later.

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If the tariffs raise the price of imports, they will also raise the price of domestics. Then again, it’s hard to differentiate in most cases. Cars will go up price unless the trade wars are settled soon.

Yes, though possibly not quite as much. Of course as you alluded to, many domestics are imports, and many imports are domestics.

Well as Clint said "do you feel lucky, well do you? Depends on sales. If they clean out the old inventory, then why should they have another rebate or similar? They don’t throw money away for the fun of it. So the real question is why wait if you really want a new car? I do the same thing with Menards 11% sales but end up being a week off sometimes when I really need to make a major purchase.

The upside is you will have a better selection.

If you buy it now, there will be a better selection than in September or October when deals might be better for the Rav4. What good is a better price if you can’t find anything you want?