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Factory Rebate to Dealers

I understand that the rebate to dealer is not publicly posted. How can I find out if Toyota has any dealer rebate/incentive for their 2010 models?

Are you confusing the rebate–which is paid to the consumer–with the “holdback”, which is paid to the dealership? Rebates to customers ARE prominently posted (along with expiration dates and other restrictions) on car manufacturer’s websites. Holdbacks are essentially proprietary information that the public is not normally privy to.

Holdbacks are very difficult to find out about, but they do give dealers more negotiating room with vehicle pricing. When you are told that the dealer will sell you the car for…let’s say…"$500 under invoice", he is not really losing money, due to the kickback or holdback that he will receive from the corporate folks following the sale. But, finding out exactly how much the dealership receives in holdback money is often difficult to learn.

Agree. I used to administer these policies. Many of these holdbacks are volume based, and even the sales manager may not know in advance if, at the end of the month, there will be an additonal vulume based holdback.

Salesmen, likewise earn extra bonuses for exceeding a quota figure. Nobody can forecast what that will be either. tells you what incentives are available, including market support (dealer) incentives. If there is one on the car you want, your taxes will be figured on the negotiated price less whatever part of the market support you can get. With normal rebates, taxes are figured before the rebate is given. You save a little with a market incentive, and every little bit helps.

Click on the car and model you want, then click on the review and specs tab. Under Buyer Resources on the left, click on Incentives and Rebates.

Thanks for the info.

FWIW, Honda seems to prefer the market support incentive route. I don’t know about Toyota.

We are shopping the Toyota Yaris and the only consumer rebate is $1000 or 0% financing. But there could be some factory-to-dealer incentive, not known to the public, in effort to revive Toyota’s drastic sales slump.

Market support on a leased Yaris is $400 between 4/6 and 5/3. There isn’t any other market support.

Thanks again.