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Car won't start

I have a 1990 toyota corolla and it doesn’t wanna start I put the key in and tyr to start it but all it gives me is the cranking noise and it dosent wanna fully come on and this is the 3rd tyme it dose this to me I even tyred shaking the car from the back by the gas tank to see if the gas isn’t flowing threw the lines but it didn’t work so wat be my problem this is an emergence …

The first thing to determine is if the engine is getting spark and if the engine is getting fuel. (Shaking the back end of the car is not going to help deliver fuel to the engine, since that is the job of your fuel pump.)

When you turn the ignition key to the “on” position (that’s the one before the “start” position), do you momentarily hear the hum of the electric fuel pump coming from the back of the car? If not, then the engine is probably getting no fuel.

Unscrewing one spark plug and holding it close to the engine block while someone turns the ignition key is a good way to determine if the engine is getting spark. If you don’t see a nice fat spark jump from the plug to the engine block, then it is likely that the engine is not getting spark.

But, as I usually advise, the best place to start is to bring the engine up to date with maintenance. If it has been more than 30,000 miles since your spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter have been replaced, then those things need to be done. Once everything is brought up to spec, it will be much easier (and potentially cheaper) than randomly “throwing parts” at the problem until you accidentally discover which part did the trick.