Toyota Corolla suddenly lost its power in the middle of the way and died

It could not get started anymore?

What could be the cause?

You probably lost sperk due to a way overdue tuneup. Or ran out of gas.

Year, make, model, miles, and history please?

it’s a very old one, 1992 Toyota Corolla, 160K miles. had another problems before but not this kind. Thanks,

A mechanic always wants to find out if: 1. Is there spark? 2. Is there fuel into the engine? // For 1, Disconnect a spark plug wire. In the end of the spark plug wire, stick a spark plug, or a nail, etc., crank the engine and watch for spark from the end of the spark plug wire to the engine block 1/8 inch away. For 2, Use a spray of anything combustible (not toxins), in the black plastic intake tube. Crank the engine. If the engine runs a few seconds, the problem is fuel. Now, call the mechanic.

What year is your Toyota? What is the maintenance history? Miles? Has the timing belt ever been replaced? What does the car do ie turn over, just click, nothing? Need more info.

If the engine cranks quickly; but, doesn’t start, it could be the timing belt has slipped, or has lost teeth. The timing belt could have 100,000 or 160,000 miles on it. That is excessive mileage/time. The good news is that your 1992 Toyota Corolla 1.6L four cylinder engine is probably NOT damaged by a slipped timing belt. A sudden stoppage of fuel, spark, or electric power (in certain areas), can cause sudden engine cut-off, also.

I’ve had some panic calls about engines just dying on the road, and refusing to restart even with a full tank of gas. Most of the time it turned out to be a broken timing belt. Since traditionally US cars had timing chains, this item is ususally overlooked, and parents & grandparents are no help since they never had to deal with timing belts.

Belts usually break…NOT slip…But I do think that is the most likely problem…Broken timing belt.