Will not start for 30min after dies

when car dies driving or idle- will not start for appx 30min after- cranks over immediately like it wants to, but will not actually start for about 30minutes… is this a sensor?

First, its not clear what you’re saying about the OBDII port. You can’t get anything to communicate with it? Has the wiring been checked out?

Loosen or remove your gas cap & run the car like that for a while. See what happens.

Has anyone checked it for a clogged up exhaust system?

Correct no reading at all with OBDII. Tested the wiring from port following it up behind spedo/rpm ect… followed diagram from ALLDATA.

exhaust not examined closely, im going to go try the gas cap now, and ill let you know. thanks

Ok, (gas cap off) started up and idled normal> fan cam on and engine was warm. NOTICED if i bring up RPM slowly, no problem, falls back to idle and i can repeat this. But when i took it up slowly to 2k and gunned it- DIED at 4krpm. immediately cranks but Does not start - prob will after about half an hour tho. (it dies just like a home stereo when a fuse blows- quick and no warning…)