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Car dies

I have an 2003 Hyundai Elantra (160K). Over the last couple of weeks (summer time), the car has not started consistently. A few times it would turn over, idle for a little bit and then die. To get it started I had to crank it and press down on the gas to get it going and then it ran fine. I replaced the plugs and the wires recently (but not the rotor or cap). It did this (start and then die) in the winter also from time to time. If its the injectors, has anyone tried cleaning them on this model?

I’d bet on fuel pressure. Cycle the key on so that the fuel pump runs for 2 sec. Do this a few times before starting. If this helps, you’ve lost fuel pressure.

If someone can hook up a fuel pressure gauge, this would help confirm a fuel pressure issue. See what happens at start up and how quickly pressure drops off after shut down.

Every 60k miles, your car should have had a valve adjustment when the cam timing belt was changed. Do you know if your valve clearances have been checked recently?

The other issue could be the Idle Air Control circuit/solenoid isn’t working correctly anymore, which would also be the cause of trouble starting and idling.


Which valve should be checked and adjusted? The timing belt is due for a change so he can check that as well.

Would the idle air control circuit trip the check engine light, because that is not on?

I would guess you have a leaky fuel injector. Since you need to press down (and I assume hold down) the gas pedal to get the car to start, I have to think the engine is flooding.