Hard Starting Hyundai

I have a 2000 Elantra with 141K on it. It runs wells and starts on the first try, except when it has been sitting for an entire day (more than 24 hours).

When the car sits that long, it cranks at the normal starter speed, but takes several minutes and several tries to get it to start. After that it is fine again.

The car is well maintained and has been tuned up at factory recommended intervals and has had the spark plug wires changed in the last 20k miles.

There is no check engine light to indicate that a code has been stored.

Any ideas?

Perhaps the fuel system is losing pressure when the car sits. Try turning the key to “ON,” then wait 5 seconds and turn to “START.” This will give the fuel pump time to pressurize the system. If this works and the car starts right up you’ve found the problem.

Thanks for the fast reply. I won’t drive it tomorrow and give that a try Tuesday morning and post back.

Well, par for the course, I let the car sit since Sunday afternoon and this morning it started on the first try (GRRR). The only thing I did differently Sunday was fill the gas tank about 5 minutes before I parked it. I can’t see that changing anything though. I guess I’ll try the experiment again next weekend and see what happens. I need to use the car daily the rest of the week.