What sensor resets 30min after a car dies- that lets it start again?

when car dies driving or idle- will not start for appx 30min after- cranks over immediately like it wants to, but will not actually start for about 30minutes… is this a sensor?

sounds like the anti theft system disabling the car. Try a different key. Also if you have more than one car, put the keys for each car on a separate key ring. This also could happen if you use the “valet” key many car come with. Those keys only allow the car to run for a limited time.

Could be a temperature sensor - maybe it senses that the engine is overheating. There’s usually one for the dash gauge and one that the computer monitors.
Does the check engine light turn on?

Aside from the other suggestions…that can also hold water…A third opinion would be…That this sounds like an electrical fault in a coil or distributor that is faulty when HOT…and when it cools down and contracts…it can work again until the heat exacerbates the issue again…

Happens a lot to coils especially, also distributor caps…distributor internals…even spark plug wires.


The problem might be caused from a heat sensitive crankshaft position sensor. This sensor tells the computer that the engine is running. If the signal from this sensor is lost, the computer doesn’t think the engine is running so it shuts down the ignition and fuel systems and the engine stalls. Once the sensor cools down and the computer receives the signal from the sensor again the engine starts and runs.

Have a crankshaft position sensor test performed. This involves measuring the resistance of the sensor when cold, and then taking a heat gun/hair dryer and heating up the sensor to see if the resistance of the sensor goes out of spec.


I thought I wrote the cam sensor in my post and reading Testers comment I re-read mine and saw that I totally spaced…so weird…it was in my head but I didn’t write it out…LOL…I agree with Tester also…in addition to the other components I meant to also include the crank and or camshaft sensor also…of course…duh