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Will new Honda Civics fit larger car seats?

My 1998 Honda Civic was recently in an accident and is probably totalled. If I need to get a new car, I would like to stay with the Civic if possible or one with comparable gas mileage and safety. However, I recently got my daughter a Britax Regent car seat, which is huge and I can only buckle the seatbelt to attach it in the middle position of the back seat. This also makes it too cramped for anyone to sit on either side since the seat takes up too much room. I am wondering whether the newer models either have wider back seats than they did 10 years ago or have longer lap/shoulder belts in the back seats? or will I be faced with the same problem I have now if I buy a new Civic? Does anyone know?

Suggestions for other cars to consider are welcome as well.

At the least I believe seat belt extensions are available.

I would suggest simply going to the Honda dealer with your seat and seeing if it works. I have a strong feeling it will be way too tight. I think an Accord will accommodate you better and its a much nicer car for not much more money.