Will it work 2

can i swap front and rear axle of a jeep wrangler to a chevy s-10 tahoe 4x4? so i can have lock out 4 wheel and posi. or would i be better off using axles off a full size 1979 k2500 4x4?

Here’s the deal. If you have a fully equipped shop complete with the capability to weld and maybe even machine, and a deep wallet, you can put any parts on any chassis. A friend on mine even put a rediculously raised 4x4 chassis with an oversized V8 under a Sunbeam Tiger roadster.

Relax guys, he isn;t a heretic. He also has two Sunbeam Tigers that he fully restored, one he uses as a daily driver.

Anyway, the Jeep parts are not designed to be interchangable with GM parts. The two design departments are totally unrelated to each other. Nothing will match up, and parts will even interfere with one another. Jeep is made by Chrysler, Tahoe is made by GM.

I don’t know if the k2500 parts would even work. Perhaps if you visited some 4x4 websites you’d get the information you seek.

Dude !, you’ve been watchin’ waaaaay too much ‘Extreme 4x4’ on the Spike channel on tv. They make it look easy cuz they have all the tools AND the money.

agreed. plus they have the knowledge to fab up everything needed for the project.
I’d think the k2500 is a bit wider than the S10, so it might be tough to get it to match up.

There’s some fella named Stacy something that builds these things on a cable TV show then takes them out and breaks them. Like you said, he makes it look easy. But, then, he gets lots and lots of free kits from all manner of 4x4 aftermarket manufacturer (which he promotes, of course) and spends as much time cutting and welding as bolting. And he has adaptors machined for parts that don’t match up.

It would be far easier to get aftermarket lockout hubs and an aftermarkert locker for the rear axle. I recommend the PowerTrax-No Slip.