Compatable parts


I’m needing some info on a project. Have a 1953 Chevy Bel Air that my son will be making modifications to. It has a 235 six cylinder with 3 speed on the column. He will be dropping in a v8 with a 350 turbo transmission. He will also have to change out the rear end because the new engine will be too much for it. We are thinking about going to salvage yard and buying a wrecked car to get the rear end and other parts. Does anybody know what car would have compatible rear end that would hold up to 400+ horsepower and maybe front end too? Anybody know a website that deals with Chevrolet conversions?




Sorry you haven’t gotten any replies sooner. This is what hot rodding is all about, making things fit. You could try measuring the width of the rear assembly, backing plate to backing plate on the 53 and then measuring the width of all the candidates and use the one that matches the closest. You should also buy a copy of Popular Hot Rodding or similar magazine and check out ads and articles that might help.


Have you figured out how you are going to stop and steer this 400hp wonder of yours? Not with the stock stuff, that’s for sure. You can buy a car like you are planning MUCH cheaper than you can build one today…

The biggest problem is, when you get it all done, it’s STILL a '53 Chevy…


A 5-lug '74 - '81 Camaro axle is usually preferred for this swap. Mustang II IFS will fit nicely under the front, provide you with rack and pinion, and a whole field of disc brake options.


thanks, keith, mr. josh, and caddyman for your replies. Will get measurements and check local junkyards. Hot rod magazine is an excellent idea. Been considering the Mustang II front end kit. Will probably go that route.Yes, to caddyman’s question. We got an excellent deal on the car itself. As far as the enging goes, my son was planning on buying a crate 350 but a friend of his was in need of quick cash (building his own house ) and sold him his new engine at a fraction of the cost. It was still at the performance engine shop and has been blueprinted and dyno tested. Caddyman is right about one thing. When its all said and done its still going to be a '53. But one heck of a nice one.
Thanks again for your info.


If you’re building a rod out of it, it can start out as a Yugo, it doesn’t matter. When all is said and done: It’s fast, it’s shiny, and it’s something you built with your own two hands.