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Rear end

I have a 1997 dodge 2500 3/4 ton truck with gear 4.10 and i need a rear for it. and was thinking about putting in a chevy can i do it

What is wrong with getting a salvage yard replacement of the same type on the truck now? Parts from different manufacturers generally mean more work to get all the pieces and parts working together.

Hard to understand why, like UncleT said. Just thinking about adapting the brakes gives me a headache. Junk yards usually stock those ready to go, I swapped out mine in a parking lot in a day.

It won’t fit, you have either a Dana 60 or Dana 70. I’m thinking it’s a 70 though. The only GM axle that comes close is the 14 bolt full floater. I would just go to junkyard and find a Dana 70, chanced are it will have 4.10 gears already in it.

Because i can not find any that have one…they are hard to find here in Mi:(

Check with A quick check found some Dodge rear axles for this truck in Flint, Cadillac, and Grand Rapids. Shipping costs would be horrible, so I hope you have another truck you can use to go get it.