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Will Insurance replace my car after the engine caught on fire?

My car’s engine caught on fire. It’s a ten year old Sonata, over 200K miles.

I didn’t have mechanical breakdown insurance (cuz it’s over 100K miles).

Before I cancel my policy, I’d like to know if there’s a chance it’s covered (Not thinking it is).

That would be a question for your insurance company. As a matter of fact, if you would have picked up the phone instead of posting here, you would already have your answer.


I agree with @PvtPublic

Phone the insurance company for your answer

Without knowing who the insurance is, and based on the fact that OP seems to have a fairly basic insurance policy, I would guess it’s probably not covered

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Comprehensive insurance covers fire damage. Check to see if you have comprehensive coverage.


Mechanical breakdown insurance promises to fix your car if something breaks. These are frequently scams and not worth buying. You are thinking about comprehensive coverage-your car and the other persons car is covered. Liability insurance-the cheapest-only covers the other person you hit.

If the fire occurred yesterday and you cancel the policy tomorrow, the insurance company is liable (if you have comprehensive) - you had coverage on the date of the incident.

Step one, read your policy
Step two, call your insurance company to report the fire, hopefully you have a police report
Step three, when you talk to the insurance company ask if you are covered.

U have collision insurance or not? Do u read ur policy? My cheapo insurance is $35/mo. Full coverage is $70 or so. But I am not a 22 yr old male. Collision is almost always paired with comprehensive coverage. Was damage caused when car was moving? That’s collision. Did a tree fall on it? Comprehensive. Did ur house burn down and take car? Maybe homeowners.

This may differ from state to state, or from insurance company to insurance company, but my auto insurance company (the #1-rated NJ Manufacturers Ins. Co.) changed the term “Comprehensive” to “Other Than Collision” quite a few years ago. I know that, in my case, the type of damage mentioned by the OP would be covered by my “Other Than Collision” coverage–with a deductible of $100.

Yup, you’re asking the wrong people.

I frequent another forum where the questions usually focus on housing issues and such in my state. At least a few times each week, someone will post a question such as, “Does the town of xxxxxxxx require a permit to cut down trees?”, or “How close to my property line can I build a shed in the city of xxxxxxx?”.

In every case, the people asking the question went through the process of registering for that site, and then figuring out how to post a question in that forum, despite the reality that the logical (and–ultimately–more accurate) approach would be to simply phone or visit their town hall–rather than asking random strangers the question. Similarly, a phone call or a visit to the OP’s insurance agent would be the appropriate action to take in this situation.

I looked at the OP’s avatar and decided that a smart aleck reply just did not present a challenge .


Is that picture from some movie? :confused:

Not one I’ve seen, in any case :smiley:

After reviewing this post and the OP’s previous posts, I have to wonder if he is simply trolling.

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I think you may be on to something

This guy has a history of starting a new discussion

Yet he has NEVER EVER responded to any of our suggestions

It could also be seen as rude . . . post a question, get a bunch of responses, but don’t bother to reply

I like Volvo’s response . . . if you click on the guy’s avatar, you can make out some letters. The letters to the left and right are missing, but it’s pretty clear what the full expression is supposed to be :smiling_imp:

The avatar is form the Movie Napoleon Dynamite about a unpopular high school kid that does well in the end. One of hte funniest movies of the last 15 years- as long as you like completely clean, and incredibly stupid humor. The quote is “Fricking Idiot” which is a popular quote of Napoleon’s throughout the movie. It’s not worth dismissing OP’s question based on that alone.

However, the lack of replying and offering help to OP’s Sonata issues is about worth dismissing him over, lol

I see . . .

I definitely haven’t seen that movie

Years ago, some guy that REALLY irked me said it was great

But I made a habit of pretty much doing the opposite of everything that particular guy did

It’s worked well for me so far


BTW . . . I don’t doubt it’s a funny movie . . . but I have no intention of seeing it :neutral_face:

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