Daughter runs over branch in storm, busts radiator and condenser, Should I call insurance co?

Looking for any past experiences for a $600.00 repair, New Radiator, condenser and freon etc. Thanks in advance. I think it has a $100 deductible comprehensive, no collision.

Insurance premiums may (probably will) increase.

Is it already repaired or is $600 an estimate? Insurance would cover this under comp. If its already repaired then they might not unless you have photos.
Some comp claims do not raise rates.

Sometimes comp won’t cover something if you hit it. It will cover if it hits you. Years ago I was told that in an encounter with a deer it was important to know that a deer flying in the air as it ran across in front of you was a comp claim, but a deer standing in the road looking like a deer in the headlights was a collision claim. I can’t say for certain that this is still true.

It’s only $600. I’d pay it and forget about it. $100 deductible seems awfully low, I start my cars at $500 and when they’re paid off change it to $1000.

But it wouldn’t hurt to call or stop by your agent and see what she says. She would probably be the best adviser as to whether or not it would be worth it to file a claim.

Look at your insurance policy. What’s the dedutactible for the comprehensive coverage on the vehicle?

Because that’s what catagory this claim falls into.


Call your insurance, see what is covered and what is “chargeable”. The chargeable limit is what would increase your premium. You can decide better if you have this info.

I might be wrong but I think you are out of luck without collision. Animals are acts of God and covered. Hitting a dead animal is different than a live one. One is under comp and the other is under collision. A tree branch hitting a car is not auto but home owners. Running over a branch is just a road hazard but I don’t believe the same as hitting a live or dead animal. I have some experience. Hail, deer, raccoon taking out my radiator, etc. I’ve never paid a deductible on any of it but they were acts of God and I carry full coverage. My rates have never changed.

@Bing is right. I’m not sure why you’d think this would fall under Comp. I don’t see how this doesn’t fall under collision.

Call the insurance co.


Call your auto insurer. Just calling to clarify the situation won’t raise your rates. And ask if having them pay will increase your rates while your on the phone.

If a tree hits you, comprehensive covers it, if you hit anything collision, I am sure the tree jumped out in front of her will not work, 1 accident ie collision coverage will not raise rates, but no coverage anyway. Thanks to all responders.

I called my homeowners company once when the diamond fell out of my wife’s ring, then called them the next day to tell them I found it. They called that 2 claims and the SOB’s tried to cancel my policy for excess claims! I never made a claim, I told them I was looking for it. This is a company I’ve used for 30 years. The State Insurance department straightened them out.

Kind of similar to my Ford experience. I bought a new truck in April, did the ford o% financing, went to buy a Windstar for wifey in August, denied because I had taken a loan out with them in the previous 6 months, 800 plus credit score, gees 2 fords within 6 months, are you an idiot? We can’t do that.

The insurance company has the final say but I have inspected countless vehicles that ran over objects in the road including dead animals and tree limbs and all have been classified as comp. Of course the definition by insurance companies can change over time so this could be the rub.

What was explained to me by an adjuster (by a major carrier and not Clyde’s Claim Coverage) was if it is part of the road it is collision, ie, parking block, uncovered manhole, metal pipe by a gas pump and a pothole.
If it is not part of the road, ie, tree limb, live animal, dead animal, diesel engine block then it is comp.

I should try again as the comprehensive is $100 deductable and no collision for the 02 saturn. I don’t recall the numbers but the price difference on the comprehensive was maybe $25 a year for $100 vs $1000.

Am I the only one who would wonder why you would carry comprehensive on an 02 saturn? And not collision? I mean, it’s the accidents where you’d be paying out, the 02 saturn is probably very very low “total loss” value for an insurance company.

Then again, maybe it’s a state by state thing. In NY you either have several hundred thousand dollars put away with the state in a bond, or you must carry collision coverage. Most insurance companies recommend saving your money on comprehensive once you hit 10 years old on a car… You’d be better off with it in a savings account.

There is no mandatory collision insurance in NY state. The only time you are required to have collision coverage is when you have a loan outstanding and it is required by contract with your loan (or lease) company.

Oh contrare, you may not drive it much or decide to junk it if in an accident but if vandals hit the windows, that can be very expensive so I’d drop collision first but keep comprehinsive if anything. Both are fairly cheap though. I have one car with just liability on it but it just sits in the garage and maybe gets driven 100 miles a year. I was going to increase my deductibles at one time too but the savings were miniscule. Just depends on the company.

Yes, that’s what insurance is for. If they offer you something and you don’t like it (like a high deductible, premium increase, whatever, then make your decision. You are in control but you have be to an educated and interested consumer. Get involved. Rocketman