Will 2008 Honda Accord OEM 18inch wheels fit a 2007 Honda Accord?

I am looking to purchase a set of used Accord OEM 18inch wheels off of a 2008 EXL. I have 2007 Ex and I wanted to know if they would fit. They have the same bolt patter and offset, but for some reason I cannot find if it would be a sizing issue or not.

Might depend on the tire size, going to an 18 inch wheel usually means going lower profile to keep the overall diameter the same. Tire rack suggests 215/45/18 tires to go with an 18" wheel

Don’t forget that you will likely need to get the speedometer re-calibrated if you use different size wheels. This probably involves reprogramming the ECM or TCM.

The speedometer only needs to be recalibrated if the overall tire diameter changes. OP can buy tires that’ll be the same diameter as the original ones.

What is the tire size on 18" wheels? What is your current tire size?