Honda tires


I have a 2006 Honda Accord. The ride is hard. Tires are 215-50-17. Seems like tires with a higher side-wall would give us a softer ride. Does anyone know if I can put larger tires on without causeing problems—such as not fitting in the space available? Additionally what is the largest size I can go to?


I don’t recommend it. In addition to causing possible interference problems, you’ll throw your speedo off. Visit for lots of great information on this subject.

You may, however be able to go with a 1" smaller wheel combined with a higher aspect ratio of the same section width PROVIDED that your car offered that option. If it did not, a smaller wheel may not allow clearance for the brake calipers, so be sure before you spend any money. Again, the referenced website will giove to the size numbers you need to get the same rolling circumference.


Does this car have aftermarket wheels on it? I don’t recall 17" wheels as standard equipment on the '06 Accord, but I could be wrong.

The only way to fit a higher sidewall is to reduce the wheel diameter, which would require buying new wheels and tires. The smaller diameter wheels might not clear the brake rotors.

If, however the wheels currently on the car are non-stock, you might be able to find a set of stock wheels (probably 16") and mount slightly higher sidewall tires. The difference will be minimal.


Shows you can get 17" standard on some of the EX models

Shows you can get 16" standard on some of the LX models


This is such a lame practice putting low profile tires on really non-performance cars. An Accord is an appliance albeit a nice one. Even my 2004 WRX uses 55 series 16" tires which can run circles around many of the current cars with low profile(40-50 series) tires.

You may want to opt for softer(sidewall) riding Grand Touring All-Season tires. See , they definitely ride softer.


Thanks to all of you for the responses. Helpful.


I will say my mum got these tires for her Forester (Subaru) and loves them.


Yes, absolutely some 06 Accords have 17" wheels as stock. Mine has them. I wish it didn’t, but it was part of the package required to get a stick shift and V6 in the same car. The high end Accords have the low profile setup. The good news being that there is a standard 16" wheel that will work and give the OP more sidewall. I’m not 100% sure if it will fit, the brakes are different also, so there may be clearance issues, but I have not checked that out yet. If anyone knows for sure I’d certainly like to find out.


I have a 07’ SE V-6 and experience the same issue. Doing some investigating i discovered that Honda designed the tires and suspension with a leaning to a firmer ride. You will get a harder ride and more noise from the tires. Mine has expensive Michelin 215/50/17.
the solution is to find a tire that is less noisy,harder. Its a trade off though.
As another poster commented i,too don’t understand why Honda put those tires and wheels on the car.Its a family car,not a sports car.
I’m adjusting to them. Still a great car otherwise.