Will 17" wheels off 2007 F-150 (6-lug) fit 2008 Expedition?

Expedition has 6-lug 18-inch wheels and 17-inch spare.

Thank you.


You can look both vehicles’ wheel specs up in
and see. The model and/or options may make a difference.

Thank you, TSMB.
Some of the same wheels are listed for both vehicles.
6-135 bolt pattern.
Example: The Ultra Nomad and Granite Alloy GA11 are listed for both vehicles.

But I do not know what model of F-150.

Thank you.

Yeah, the offsets are the same as well as the bolt patterns for some, but without knowing the models I was reluctant to say they’d fit. I didn’t look, but I’d suspect that an F150 4x4 crew cab takes a different wheel than the 2WD standard cab.

Wow, this 112 MPH setup just keeps getting better…

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