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What ft/lbs torque? 2008 Expedition with F-150 rims

When winter storm, we plan to take off the Expedition’s 18-inch M&S tired wheels and put on 17-inch F-150 alloy rims on which aggressive snow tires are mounted.

Can I tighten by hand/feel with Expedition’s lug wrench, or should we buy a torque wrench?

Thank you.


Always use a torque wrench with alloy wheels, and check your owners manual for the proper torque spec.


150 foot pounds.

Buy the darn torque wrench you cheap *******! Then get it calibrated every so often.

That may seem harsh to some of you, but Mr. Gift has earned a reputation as someone who posts questions with his mind already made-up, at least in my opinion.

I AM cheap!
All my life I have been hand-tightening.
One of our volunteers, like Bladecutter, says to use a torque wrench especially on alloy wheels.


I’m so cheap that I’d get a three-foot long pipe and put 50 lbs of free-weights on it if that would work.

Yes, and for those who have forgotten, he drives that Explorer over 100 MPH at times…

A torque wrench is cheap compared to the damage that will be done to that Expedition when a wheel falls off of it, especially at over 100mph. If you’re really cheap, buy one from Harbor Freight.

Two side notes: Expedition and F150 parts are largely interchangeable, and torque specs will be the same. Also, it’s not a bad idea to re-check the torque on alloy wheels after driving for a few days after installing them. Problems rarely occur, but it’s an easy, three minute insurance policy.

Top speed: 108 mph -maybe greater but I was looking at the pavement.
Ford dealer says OK.
But I don’t like stressing anything.
Upon arrival, I let engine run several minutes as I run in and make the delivery.
Then shut off and examine everything: oil, tires, coolant, brake and power steering fluids, etc.

My brake guys will torque the lugnuts for free anytime to prevent warped rotors.

Thank you, all.
Was planning to drive a day and on the way back to quarters, ask Discount Tire, who kindly donated mounting and balancing, to re-torque - which hopefully gauges our wrench and my precision.

Can a foot/pounds-reading torque wrench be used?:

Or is it worth the extra cost of getting a “click-stop” wrench which releases athe tightness to which it is set?:

Thank you.

I would get the “click-stop” but one with the torque I need (150ft/lb) more in the middle of the range than at the very end of it.

It’s good sense to use a torque wrench at the speeds you run. Under-torqued wheels can come loose, and over-torqued wheels can warp the rotors. You don’t need either problem at 100+ MPH.