Wicked Haircut Letter

Has anyone come across a viewer letter (read on the air) that retold a story about a driver who would get an urge for a “haircut” every time he drank a bottle of a certain beverage(don’t remember which one). I could not find it in the “read on the air” section of the web site.

Show #1336 broadcast Sept 7, 2013 had this topic I think. If surf to the main Car Talk page, and use the search bar to search for “haircut” you’ll see several links. One of them is a FAQ page, and it appears Ray and Tom may have written a book at some point including a section on this “haircut problem”.

For the un-initiated, an “emergency haircut” is taking any opportunity to relieve yourself in an emergency. Interstate highways just don’t offer the opportunities for the pause that refreshes that the old 2 lanes did. Somewhere in Texas is a road sign NEXT REST STOP 120 MILES. And there is nothing but wide open desert on either side of the Interstate for as far as the eye can see.