Hair Drying in the Car?

While I got a kick out of the portion of today’s show with the lady & her hair drying problem, I don’t think the advice was right they gave her. Sorry Tom & Ray, but with all the problems with distracted driving today, you should have stuck with your “get up earlier” advice and left it at that. This lady is going to kill someone or herself someday trying to take care of her hair while driving. It has to be as bad or worse than texting or cell phone use.

Sorry. Title should read “Hair Drying in the Car?”

A medium duty hair dryer is 1200 watts! With a coverter that would still some strain on the alternator.

The nuttiest activity I’ve seen anyone do is flossing their teeth while in traffic. A woman pulls up beside me at the light, and starts flossing her teeth (a recommended acivity IN THE BATHROOM). When the light turns green she keeps flossing, and drives off while steering with her elbows! I got out of the way fast!

If you think that’s bad:

I guess this was not a “close shave”!!

And just when you think you’ve heard it all.

I cannot even come up with a wise remark. This one is just too outlandish.

Oh, how I miss the wackiness of South Florida and the keys!

This weekend I was in Hollywood, FL and saw a whole family out jogging with these types of shoes on.

“Sorry. Title should read “Hair Drying in the Car?””

Rats. I hoped it was some sort of Rastafarian post or something.

“I got out of the way fast!”

You didn’t see her eat that Eggs McMuffin and swill coffee simultaneously before she flossed?

“I cannot even come up with a wise remark.”

I can! but I’m a Family Man and will refrain from such indiscretion…

At least she was thinking outside the box!

Imagine getting into an accident while doing that. That would sure muff up her day!