Why won't my car start

2 Sundays ago my boyfriend drove me to work and then back. It was raining but not hard. Also my oil was really low and i didn’t know it even though I had just put 2 quarts in. So when he tried to get me it wouldn’t start. He put more oil thinking that would do it but no. Then some one mentioned the solenoid might have gotten wet/damaged form the rain so we let it dry out for 3 days and it still won’t start. Then someone else mention that it might be because it has an interferon(?) engine and to unhook the battery over night and we did. Still won’t start. I know the battery is good because everything turns on. Also when i try to start it it makes a sound like it wants to start but won’t turn over. Some one please help me?

First check battery clamps for crud and clean. If it still will not turn over then take a knife and on the side of red battery wire slit the plastic or rubber cover for 3 inches and peel back and
look for crud.
If these are not clean battery voltage will not reach starter.Also check where red and black wire ends for tight and clean connection.
Be carful with red wire as not to touch any metal cause it will spark.
If it still will not turn over then you need to have battery checked, if that is ok you then will need to have starter and silenold checked.

Please tell us what you’re driving (or were driving). Year, make, model, engine and transmission type, please?

When you turn the key, what, exactly, happens. Does the starter engage and crank the engine, or do you just get clicking noises?

Give us as much information as you can.

Just because the lights, radio, etc, come on doesn’t mean the battery is good. That’s why I’m asking what happens when you turn the key. Does the starter crank the engine?