Starter Problem



sometimes, but not always, when I turn the key, the starter will not turn the engine over. The lights come on, there are no noises, the dash lights dim slightly when the key is turned to the “start” position. If I open the hood and tap on the end of the starter a couple times, it starts right up. I replaced the starter which solved the problem for two weeks, then the same problem started again. The vehicle has a rebuilt engine with 13,000 miles on it and nearly everything has been replaced from the radiator to the transmission, but not the transmission. This problem was present before the rebuilt engine was installed. My ignition switch appears to be broken as the key can be removed with the engine running. Could this be causing the problem or is it something else? Thank You


Your starter solenoid is sticking. This happens because of age, or because your battery is dying or too small. Buy a new starter. They are very easy to install, I replaced mine in my driveway last summer. Just two bolts and two wires.


Sounds like you either got a bad rebuild (the solenoid shouldn’t stick after 2 weeks), or the problem is a bad/intermittant connection elsewhere, such as the ignition switch. Go over all connections between the battery and the starter, and you might as well replace the ignition switch. If you still have the problem, have the starter checked out.




Looks like you were right about the ignition switch. This was the third starter in a year that did the same thing so that didn’t point to a bad rebuild. I put in a new ignition switch, and took the old one apart, the copper connections for ST1 and ST2 were half black and very worn. I ain’t calling it fixed, yet, cuz it has been such an intermittent problem, but that switch looks mighty suspect. Thanks again.