Car won't start

I own a 1994 Honda Passport. (I know its a bit of gas hog, but I bouht it used). When I turn the key I get a series of clicks. The battery seems dead but its a new battery. If I turn the key a number of times, the car will eventually start. I can go for several days with no problem starting the car. Then this problem will return. Someone suggested a “cellanoid” (spelling?). Could this be it? Is this easy to fix? Thanks

The solenoid is on top of the starter, and it causes the starter gear to engage the flywheel and includes a relay to send power to the starter motor. But, a lot of newer cars consider the solenoid a part of the starter, and it is generally easier just to replace the starter as a unit. If this honda uses a denso, style starter, you cannot simply replace the solenoid, as it is a part of the casing for the starter gear.

Yes, the starter solenoid could be going bad. Usually the solenoid is integral with the starter these days, and you replace the whole thing. But call a parts store and see if the solenoid is available separately.

It’s also possible that you have poor electrical connections which are preventing sufficient current from reaching the starter. Check ALL battery and starter connections, including ground(s), and make sure they’re clean and tight.

This has the earmarks of a defective ignition switch (the contacts and wires part). If no one will use a voltmeter and wiring diagram to actually check the voltage between the ignition switch and the starter relay, I would go with a new ignition switch (contacts and wires part)

Thank you all for your reply. I called a garage and replacing the starter would be about $500. Is this a repair a novice could do? Where would one go to get good advice?


Could be you have a drain on the battery. It will charge up but sometimes will get low. Before spending $500 (is this a for real price?) on a new starter make sure this is the problem. Sometimes you can find an auto shop that specializes in electrical problems.

IF the problem is the starter or solenoid, it IS an easy fix for a novice. The number one thing to do first is go to your local auto parts store and buy a service manual for your vehicle. It will tell in detail how to do the repair. It is possible on your vehicle there will be things such as exhaust in the way and will make it more difficult but, the starter itself should be only two bolts holding it and disconnecting and reconnecting the wires. RULE ONE! Disconnect the batter before doing this to avoid accidental arcing which could damage electrical components or start a fire!