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97 caravan ignition malfunction?

  1. I have a 1997 grand caravan v6 3.3ltr engine with 92K miles on it. The car has been acting up the past few days when starting. The starter does not respond when I turn the ignition to “starting” position. All dashboard information lights (gas, ABS, parking brake, maintenance light, etc) would turn on as as usual but nothing else happens (starter does not make a sound). To start the car, I need to turn back the ignition key to off position and restart. Usually it would start at the 2nd (and sometimes at the 3rd) attempt with no hesitation (as if nothing is wrong). So far it has never failed to start. But I’m afraid one day it just won’t start. Any idea (ignition switch getting bad, etc) of what the problem maight be and the cost of getting it fix?

    2. Not sure if related problem, but there appears to be a soft noise in the interior that sounds like a small electrical motor. The sound appears to come from behind the blower switch and heater/A-C temperature control switch. The sound comes up when changing the heater / A-C temperature setting. This issue started after the starting problem began. Thanks in advance for your help!

Your vehicle has enough use on it for the ignition switch to be worn. A mechanic could go under the hood and check to see if power is getting to the starter relay when the ignition key is turned to START. Could; but, how many will? So, a bad ignition switch is best-guess:

Ok thanks. I’ll ask my mechanic to check that.