Why not a true chat site

Why not make this a true chat site. We all come together over cars but all have opinions and lives and hope for input…let’s make this a true “messenger” type site. (or at least ask for it nicely…lol

I guess I’m old fashioned. I sort of like it this way. It gives me time to think as I write.

I read somewhere…I think it was in Lee Iaccoa’s autubiograhy…that writing things before communicating forces one to think ideas through before proposing them, and many ideas get recogized by the originator as not so good once thought through.

I agree, I’ve hit the ‘cancel’ button plenty of times after writing something that either didn’t actually help, or (worse) might have been mis-interpreted…

In my case I have to hit it occasionally when I read what I’m writing and realize that it’s just plain dumb!

Been there…done that.

I agree that having time to rethink what you have written is a good idea…and I am not sure making discussions into live chats would add any value.

This forum doesn’t make sense to be a chat site. Not just for things mentioned…but some people ask a question…and the person really qualified to answer may not be on for a few hours or days.