Why my car?

why would my 2003 nissan sentra keep flooding, we have to change the spark plugs every ffew months or clean them but no one can figure out why, or the perminant fix. does anyone know?

You can tell from my reply that I am not a tech, but we’ll get this started.

Injector fault(s) or a computer glitch?

I’ll throw in a possible faulty fuel pressure regulator. A simple fuel pressure test may confirm this.

Could also be dirty injectors. Try a good injector cleaner.

No check engine light?

Hard to believe it’s so rich it fouls the plugs and the engine computer is OK with this situation.

Flooding or running rich? A flooding condition would give you a wet plug. That to me would have to be injectors leaking or a pressure problem. But if it is running rich and fouling the plugs, that could be one of the sensors, computer, etc. They should be able check the block learn with the computer to see how rich it is running-assumming fuel fouling. Now if it it oil fouling, thats another matter.