1999 Ford Mustang - Problem with my boyfriend's car

My boyfriend car, which is fuel injected keeps flooding out. Fuel pump, sensors, spark plugs, everything possible has been replaced without success. What is he missing?

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Paying a shops diagnostic fee to find the real problem . Throwing parts at a problem is not going to work most of the time or will cost more than needed.


Could be injector issue.


any codes?

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You don’t say what engine he has, if it’s either of the 4.6’s
Check the vacuum line to the “Fuel Pressure Regulator” There should NOT be any fuel in it, if there is fuel, it’s leaking and that’s where the fuel is coming from

It will look like one of these


Good ideas above. Also ask your shop to verify the engine coolant temperature sensor that the engine computer uses is registering the correct coolant temperature.

How do you know it is flooding?

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