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Engine flooding

I have a 1998 Dodge Intrepid with the 3.2L engine. Occasionally the engine will seem to flood. It only happens once every two months or so. The most recent occurrence was after I shut it off after driving for 3 hours at highway speeds the engine would turn over but stall almost instantly. After waiting half an hour I was able to get the engine to run long enough to burn off the excess gas. What could be causing this flooding? A bad injector?

Leaking injectors can do it, but that’s pretty rare…You could try a can of Chevron Techron or BG Formula 44K…

A more likely cause is you fuel tank evap system has malfunctioned or the carbon canister has become inactive, allowing raw gasoline fumes to pour into the intake manifold flooding the engine…Many people notice this when refueling which forces vapors from the fuel tank into the engine…

Do you have a habit of topping off the tank when you fill up?

Another think to look into is the spark plugs. If they are past due for replacement, that would make it easier for the engine to flood.

I don’t top off the tank but I wasn’t the last person to fill it up. However the last time it flooded it was 3 hours and 150 miles after it got refueled.

The spark plugs are only about 12,000 miles old. I replaced them at 100,000 miles because it was doing the occasional flooding and that didn’t seem to help.

Check engine light on?

A leaking fuel pressure regulator will also leak fuel into the intake. Find it, pull its vacuum hose and look for liquid gasoline. If you find any then you need a new pressure regulator. The leaking regulator is 2X bad since it will not only dump raw fuel to the intake but is likely to allow your fuel pressure to be too high.

Check engine light has never come on in this car.