93 Sentra continues to hydrolock and gas in oil

Have been working on this car for a few weeks now; 93 nissan sentra 1.6L. The
gas+oil under the plugs was the original problem. We took the plugs out and tried to
start the car a few times to shoot the gas+oil out of the cylinders. All the cylinders
would fill up again right after we were done though. So we changed the fuel pressure
regulator and they stopped filling up.
Changed the oil+filter because they were contaminated with gas.
Started it with starter fluid and the problems kept coming.
The catalytic converter was clogged and red hot so I cleaned it all out removing the
platinum and put it back in as a empty pipe.
Now when it started cylinders 1+2 wouldn’t fire and wouldn’t kill the engine when i
removed the wire from the cylinder when it was running. It was misfiring and sounded
terrible but it ran.
So i thought it might be the fuel injectors. I was about to check them out today but
then there was gas+oil under the plugs again causing hydrolock and it wouldn’t start today. Took the
plugs out so the cylinders could dry, but I am lost on where to go next.
I need some help.

You’re running way rich, probably due to the fuel injectors being stuck open. With the problem in all cylinders, I’d get a noid light to see if the injectors are getting a pulse or the current is constantly charged. If the electrical pulses are fine, you may need to replace the injectors.

ran a ecu test and got mass air flow sensor and crank angle sensor. Cleaning the mass air now, do u think these could’ve pertained to the problem?

If the injectors are not staying open as BustedKnuckles mentions you might also consider a total failure of the diaphragm in the fuel pressure regulator.

In a word…No!!!

You need to test if the injectors are constantly spraying fuel into a cylinder or are they shutting off like they should. As @Bustedknuckles said…get a noid light. One injector…constantly allowing fuel to flow would create your hydrolock.


Another thing to look at is a faulty computer.

After all, this is an OBDI vehicle.

The injectors have constant voltage supplied to them just like Christmas tree lights.

The drivers in the computer ground each injector at the proper time so that the injector fires at the proper time.

If the drivers in the computer have failed for those injectors where they’re now always grounded, the injectors never shut off.

And by the way? You are going to replace that gutted out cat once you get this figured out?



Don’t post any evidence @db4690. We’ll be baking wrenches into cakes for you.


This shouldn’t be too hard to sort out and once sorted out I would strongly suggest that the engine oil and filter be changed as gasoline diluted motor oil can ruin an engine.