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Why Isn't BP Gasoline on the Top Tier List?

Why Isn’t BP Gasoline on the Top Tier List? It’s a major company, right? Used to be Amoco. BP is so huge, I can’t see them not meeting the EPA Standard - before the oil spill.

I’m still trying to figure out what it means to be a Top Tier gasoline.

Sure you’ll be able to get your brand on the Top Tier website, where you get to say your company’s brand of gas has more additives than others.

But given there are millions of cars that never see a drop of Top Tier gas and there’s been no large-scale functional fallout because of it, where is the real benefit of Top Tier gas?

I do see a lot of good marketing behind Top Tier. There might be a good technical justification. I’m still looking for it.

Top Tier is a set of standards set up originally by a few car manufacturers who apparently were pushing the envelope and the existing standards would not work.

Note: While I have not seen any evidence that using Top Tier gas in any gasoline car, I have not seen any meaningful benefit to nearly any other car (I appears it helps for a few cars, usually because they have other problems.

Amoco/BP was BMW’s recommended gas here in Colorado until they pulled out of our market. Now, it’s Conoco. As discussed in other threads “top tier” has little meaning regarding the quality of gas. They all travel down the same pipeline from refinery to distributor.


“They all travel down the same pipeline from refinery to distributor.”

The top tier suppliers are supposed to add more detergent chemicals than are present in the distributor’s gasoline. I suppose this must be done at the tanker truck or the gas station storage tank.