Fyi top tier gas

For those of you who own vehicles that their manufacturers recommend using “Top Tier” fuels, the website for Top Tier has been updated with new fuel retailers.

Is BP the same as chevron?

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I don’t think so (?) If you look at the list, Chevron is on it, but BP is not.

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Thanks for your response, the reason I suggested that is that all the standard stations I know of became Chevron, became BP. And I have not seen a standard or chevron in years.

I did a search of the Chevron website. I put in my zip code (21784) and asked for stations within 50 miles. If the information is up to date, there are ten stations. Perhaps Chevron doesn’t cover your area.

All basic gas is pretty much the same and comes from the same refineries. What makes the brands different are the additives. Supposedly Top Tier brands have higher levels of detergents that help mitigate the buildup of deposits in the engine and contain <10% ethanol. I’d never heard of Top Tier gasoline before I bought my 2010 Chevy Equinox and read about it in the owner’s manual.

Just to add more to the confusion, I notice that Texaco has Techron in it. In the auto parts stores, it’s labeled Chevron Techron. Are Texaco and Chevron divisions of the same company or does one use the others detergent additives?

Maybe sommeone else will shed some light on us.

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Well I tried 200 miles radius of 53140, kenosha wi, no Chevron stations found within 200 miles, that includes Chicago and Milwaukee.

Thanks for letting us know about this. For the first time, I can buy Top Tier gas in my area now.

Texaco was purchased by Chevron in October, 2001.
For a brief period of time, the corporate name was ChevronTexaco, and was subsequently changed to Chevron.

Thanks for the info. Most all the big retailers except BP/ARCO look like they’re in. I’m a little surprised that ExxonMobil joined, they usually like to go their own way and not admit that anyone else has a good idea…

Chevron certainly does exist at least in the Atlanta area. Fact is, there are Chevron and Exxon stations directly across the street from each other.
There are still a few Texaco stations around here as well, so its relation to Chevron is probably quite tight since they mention having Techron as an additive.
Also , as far as I know, BP bought out Amoco, another Standard Oil brand quite a few years ago which is the reason you may still see the Amoco name on the 93 octane pumps.

Gasoline is gasoline, a consumer commodity traded on the open market. “Top Tier” gasoline is more marketing hype than anything else…It merely mandates a detergent level most gasoline meets anyway…