Top tier gas



I’m unable to find a ‘Top Tier Gas’ retailer in the city where I live. Which additives can I add to the fuel tank that will do the job the ‘Top Tier Gas’ is supposed to?


You want to explain what you think a Top Tier Gas is??


So far I am not convinced it is anything more than a marketing ploy.


[b]This gas is spec’d by many automobile manufacturers because they believe that what is considered as normal detergents in gasoline doesn’t go far enough in keeping engines clean. And I believe them! If you ever took an engine apart that used the regular detergents, you’d find the backside of the intake valves covered in carbon.

Here’s a website that explains what top tier gasoline is, and where it’s sold.



Most, if not all, major oil company gasoline is “Top Tier”.

Chevron Techron injector cleaner is a good substitute…


Actually, that is not true.

If you look at the list of Top Tier brands listed on their website, you will see the absence of names such as Exxon, BP, Gulf, Citgo, and most other “major” brands. For instance, in the North East, Shell is the only Top Tier brand that is widely available.

I can tell you from personal experience that changing over to regular use of Shell eliminated a serious hesitation problem that a friend of mine was experiencing with his Accord. The dealership had ruled out everything else as a cause of the hesitation, and they wanted to sell him on their very expensive fuel system cleaning. I suggested using Shell gas instead of that cleaning.

Several tankfuls later, the hesitation that had existed for a few months went away. Now, a year or so later, with consistent use of Shell gas, the hesitation has not returned. And, since the Shell station near me is also the cheapest gas station in the county, using their gas is truly a “no-brainer”.


I, too, live in an area where there are very few stations selling a Top Tier brand. When I can, I fill up at a Top Tier station (Shell, in this case). I believe it’s worth it, even if the gas costs a few cents more, and I may start using Techron more often to compensate for the lack of detergents in other brands.


I agree. And, since my Shell station actually charges less than the competition ($2.47 per gallon of regular at last notice), I am fortunate to live near this station.


I only know of ONE shell gas that’s anywhere near me…but it’s so far out of the way it’s NOT worth it.


96% use brand X and their cars run just fine…“Top Tier” has that marketing ploy feel to it…ALL retail gasoline has additives to keep injectors clean. EPA rules, not an oil company option. The major, integrated, oil companies trade gasoline among themselves depending on refinery and pipeline locations. Gasoline is gasoline, a consumer commodity…


'The major, integrated, oil companies trade gasoline among themselves depending on refinery and pipeline locations. ’

True but the additive package is added by the company selling the gasoline not by the refiner .


You probably think that 9/11 was an inside job and that profits are evil! Use top tiers and your car’s intake valves, injectors and catalytic converter will love you…that is all.


Chevron is another one.