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Premium vs regular

In the premium vs regular section of the Actual Car Information of this site, I found a brief reference to tier 1 and tier 2 gas, but only a general allusion to which stations offer what tier.

Is there a difinitive source to reference?

They’re referring to “Top Tier” gas, I think. You can find out more here:

I use it because a station that sells it is close, and has good prices. I would have no problem buying other major brands (such as Mobil or Exxon) that aren’t listed.

Check out

It has all you need to know about top tier gas, and who sells it.

Top tier gas is available in different grades, including “regular” and “premium.”

Octane ratings and “Top Tier” are two different things.

My usual watering hole (Sheetz) wasn’t on that list.

Mcparadise is correct. Top Tier gas is gas that has a higher level of detergents than is required by the EPA, and this higher detergent level has absolutely nothing to do with octane level.

A higher level of detergents can help to prevent or possibly to alleviate a problem with deposits on the injectors and/or the intake valves. Thus, more detergent content can be a good thing, but this is totally separate from the issue of octane level.

Use the grade of gasoline (regular, mid-grade, premium) that is designated in your Owner’s Manual because using a higher octane than is necessary will accomplish NOTHING, other than lightening your wallet. On the other hand, using a gas that is a lower octane than the car’s mfr specifies can do engine damage and can actually reduce your fuel mileage.

If you can find a brand of Top Tier gas in your neck of the woods that has a competitive price, then it is definitely to your advantage to use that gas, but once again, the octane of the gas has nothing to do with the Top Tier designation.