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Why is this website now crediting people with the "solution" . . .?

I noticed this new change just this weekend

Do we really need to assign “victory” to a specific individual . . . ?

Is this website now actually a contest and/or game show?

Exactly who/what determines that individual x has come up with the solution?

The OP?

The cartalk website?

or something else entirely?

When we are notified that individual x has come up with the solution, is that supposed to be our cue to cease and desist with the discussion, because it is now pointless . . . ?

I cope carolyn or some other cartalk employees will provide me/us with some answers :slight_smile:

The situation may be copeless…

I just couldn’t resist @db4690.


Copey that! :grin:


How often do we get a definitive conclusion posted by the OP that indicates a specific reply here was the “solution?” While that’s not unheard of it is rare.

Most of the OPs with automobile problems seem to be somewhat desperate and likely throw out posts to very automotive site that google finds and as soon as the problem is solved they move on with their lives recognizing that the regulars here enjoy having new topics to discuss and a fresh victims for the gauntlet.


I guess I missed it an haven’t noticed it so I’ll take a look. Not too enthused about that since if someone errors, they seem to get corrected pretty fast. It must be like that one site “answers” or something like that where people vote.

Oh, you mean where they have the number of posts in the topic the person made? Doesn’t seem very useful.

Since Carolyn might not reply, I thought I’d click on the “checkmark” icon, which means the problem is “solved”


But that just shows how silly it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I clicked on the icon, but the problem is NOT resolved . . . because nobody from the Cartalk website has given me an answer

By doing so, I just proved the website has some “issues” . . . if this were a real car question, who’s to say the guy clicking the “checkmark” icon actually did have the right answer?

Congratulations, Rod Knox . . . !

I chose your answer, FWIW :wink:

However . . . even though I personally clicked on it, Rod Knox is now credited with the solution

Maybe we’re all back in elementary school, and this is the new equivalent of a gold star for the day :laughing:

The only person that should be able to declare a problem solved is the person who asked the question in the first place.

I can see someone making a wrong answer or complete guess getting credit for having a solution.


I like your idea, but what if the OP doesn’t know the first thing about cars, and is incapable of recognizing the correct answer?

I’ve never seen this. Can you link me to somewhere where it’s been used?

It was used in the squeaky brakes discussion, from earlier this morning

“Metallic squeaking when brakes are not engaged”

In the first paragraph, one of us is credited with the solution

I might be wrong, but I get the idea that only the OP can click on somebody’s answer, thus crediting them with the solution

However, if they subsequently click on somebody else’s answer, that second individual then replaces the first, as receiving acknowledgement for the solution


I see where it’s used (like Rod_Nox’s post in this thread), but where does it come from?

How does someone assign “solution” to a reply?

BTW, I too don’t think it’s a good idea. A “solution” in someone’s eyes may be a big mistake in another’s.

“Like putting CLR in a vehicle cooling system”

I clicked on Rod Knox’s reply, to show you guys how silly I consider it to be

As I told mountainbike, I believe only an OP can choose to “solve” a problem

No offense, Rod Knox !

I like your reply, but I don’t really think there can be a safisfactory and/or definitive answer for the question I posed

But if Carolyn or another cartalk employee were to give an answer which I felt was appropriate, perhaps I should click on it . . . ?


Too often the OP does not give complete information or gives misleading info because they do not know enough about their car problem. Having them click on a ‘solution’ which sounds right but may be incorrect will give other less informed folks the wrong idea if they search for solutions. I like the banter back and forth that has everyone coming at the problem from different angles and I frequently end up seeing a problem/solution that I would not have thought of.

Do we get $$ or bonus points for a correct solution :wink:


Sorry old fart here, credit solution sure, Cannot believe I am watching lawrecne welk, still do not get tap dancing, but crediting solution is ok by me but have not seen it yet.

With you there Barky, I’ve never understood the appeal of watching tap dancing either.

Yes, I’m here, @db4690. We’re not picking the solutions. Not every thread can be given a “solution” because it doesn’t fit the mold - the function has only been turned on in a couple of categories, like repair and maintenance. The poster picks what the solution was for them. I wouldn’t worry too much about the meaning of the selection. It’s just another way for the poster to give feedback on what worked for them, not assigning a winner, or delegitimizing other answers. I read a fair amount that people leave and don’t follow up. Maybe they write a post to say, maybe they use the checkoff. It’s just another source of data.

I gave Carolyn a check mark, because she responded


Well until she gets your check a check mark will have to do.


What if I want to pat myself on the back for a job well done? Puffery is all the rage these days. It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not. Hey, it works for Very Important Politicians, why not the common citizen? Create your own truth!

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