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Why is it the tool you need is the only one you can't find?

I have the same problem and as I tell my self should have looked there first.

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And for me many times it was also the first place I looked, but never saw it.

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Why does the toast always fall jelly down?


I don’t know but the dog don’t care jelly side up or down it is history.

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Depends on what the bread is! We’ve got three dogs and I’ve gotten pretty quick diving on the floor in the scrum and coming out successful !

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I have two dog’s and it make’s no difference what kind of food hit’s the floor I am not going to try to get to it first I like to keep my finger’s in one piece.

I was looking for my angle gauge today but I got smart and looked in the place I looked at last for the last tool I couldn’t find, and there it was. We may not always put everything away but we can learn to be more effective in our looking.

I have learned that I find it faster if I can remember the last place I used it.

Then there was the time I couldn’t find my Actron scanner. I really like it so I was so mad at myself for losing it. I would spend 5 minutes everytime I went to the garage looking for it. A couple of months went by and a guy from church walked up and handed it to me. I lent it to him and forgot about it.

The jelly side is heavier, just as the heads side of most coins is heavier. I wonder if anyone has attempted a very large number of coin flips todetermine if tails is a better bet?