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Tools topic?

I think tools would be a good addition to the topic index. what say you all?

Seems pretty limited by ok by me. Maybe tractors.

Since all I do is go to “Recent Discussions”, I’d actually prefer getting rid of the separate topics. Leads to some misplaced questions, anyway.

I wonder if there is a limited lifetime to this site. I imagine it will stay on as long as the reruns air.

yeah tex, you may be right.

I agree with Bing, I like the idea but it would have limited appeal. I used to sell tools so the idea sounds good to me.

Where to buy tools.
The best tool manufactures.
I bought this tool, but how do I use it.
Do I really need that many sockets
Suggestions for my particular needs VS for the professional.
I lost the xxxx for my xxxx where can I get a replacement.
I aquired this from my late fathers tool box…what is it.

It might fly


I think you have a great idea

Some ideas . . .

Best bang for the buck
Most underrated/overrated
Easiest to warranty
Best online tool vendors
Do I really need it
Should I sell it or keep it

I have been formally asked to not create off topic threads. I assume this is one, although I don t know how to fix cars without tools

It is a recurring theme, but the divisions we have are somewhat arbitrary. Texases is right; there is a porous boundary between some subjects. And the Distracted Driving section has been called out as unnecessary before. I’ll keep it in mind, though.